beqom for Sales

Sales is judged on its final numbers, but meeting those numbers is not simply a matter of how well you sell. Successful sales managers need to be effective coaches, skillful recruiters and administration and analytics experts. Sales professionals need to eliminate manual tasks that eat into their selling time and make sure their time is spent on high-value activities that lead to more closed business and greater revenue in a shorter time.

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beqom for Sales
beqom for Sales

How does beqom solve the Challenges of Sales?

Unlike a traditional Sales ICM solution, beqom SPM treats performance and pay solutions holistically by addressing the questions that help users keep plans relevant and effective… turning a back-office pain point solution into a tool for strategic advantage.

beqom SPM offers the full spectrum of functionality including TQM, Eligibility, Hierarchy Management, Configurable Rules and Reporting.

We’re all about Pay & Performance with a 100% success rate — no failed implementations.

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Using beqom, Orange has reduced reseller partner claims by 90%... significantly improving, relations between Orange and its reseller network.

Eric Jacquinet, Head of Compensation & Benefits for Orange Partner Network Orange

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What you can doWhat you get
Plan set-upImprove Sales Effectiveness & Efficiency
Top-down simulation Communication & collaborationBy targeting sales performance enablement, you can achieve dramatic decrease in unwanted turnover
Calculation managementOptimize Sales Compensation Spend and provide more agile responses to changing conditions
Organization-wide reportingTake the guesswork out of Quota Planning and Improve Sales Forecasting
Sispute management

Bespoke solution for your compensation management:

Lots of flexibility to fit your organisation structure and processes.


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