beqom Visual identity and Content Style Guide


Content planning

Great content starts with a plan that begins with these questions.

Who is your audience?

What do they want to accomplish?

What is your business goal for providing the content?

Do you have time or budget constraints?

What kind of content best meets the customer’s needs and business goals?

How will the customer find the content?

What devices will the customer use to experience the content?

How will you measure success?

With these questions answered, you can narrow your approach. For example:

  • If the customer need is immediate, maybe you blog today and create a more polished article later.
  • If budget and timeline are tight, you might choose a simple text format.
  • If the audience is large and the topic complex, a short, professionally produced video might make sense.
  • If content will be localized in multiple languages, graphics supported by text might meet the customer and business need at a lower cost.