beqom Visual identity and Content Style Guide


Top 10 tips for beqom style and voice

1. Use bigger ideas, fewer words

2. Write like you speak

Read your text aloud. Does it sound like something a real person would say? Be friendly and conversational. No. Robot. Words.

3. Project friendliness

Use contractions: it’s, you’ll, you’re, we’re, let’s

4. Get to the point fast

Lead with what’s most important. Front-load keywords for scanning. Make customer choices and next steps obvious.

5. Be brief

Give customers just enough information to make decisions confidently. Prune every excess word.

6. When to capitalize

Default to Title capitalization when constructing headings for blog. An easy way to learn this is through the Title Case Converter website.

beqom defaults to the ‘Associated Press’ style.

7. Skip periods (and : ! ?)

Skip end punctuation on titles, headings, subheads, UI titles, and items in a list that are three or fewer words. Save the periods for paragraphs and body copy.

8. Remember the last comma

In a list of three or more items, include a comma before the conjunction. (The comma that comes before the conjunction is known as the Oxford or serial comma.)

9. Don’t use unnecessary spaces

Use only one space after periods, question marks, and colons—and no spaces around dashes.

10. Revise weak writing

Most of the time, start each statement with a verb. Edit out you can and there is, there are, there were.