beqom Visual identity and Content Style Guide



Please use the following guidelines to ensure brand consistency for beqom imagery.

Founders Pictures

Only these official pictures may be used, do not modify the original picture.

Fabio Ronga, CEO
Yves Steinhauser, CFO
Stephan Pohl, COO
Tanya Jansen, CMO

Treating Key Imagery

Key imagery is that which is used on social media or as the main image in the header of a web page/newsletter. We have a very simple trick to add identity to key imagery. Overlay a solid navy block and reduce to 20% opacity.

Social Media

Please use the following guide to ensure brand consistency when posting on social media.

Below is a written list of essential social media image dimensions. All dimensions are in pixels, width x height. If you need dimensions for a platform that isn’t covered below, please refer to this article and infographic for further information on sizing.


  • Banner image: 1850 x 200
  • Profile image: 400 x 400
  • Cover image: 1536 x 768
  • Shared image: 350 pixels wide
  • Shared link preview: 180 x 110
  • Logo image: 400 x 400


  • Header image: 1500 x 500
  • Profile image: 400 x 400
  • Timeline image: 506 x 253


  • Cover image: 828 x 315
  • Profile image: ≥180 x 180
  • Shared image: 1200 x 900
  • Shared link preview image: 1200 x 628


  • Channel cover images: Varies by viewing platform
  • Channel icon: 800 x 800
  • Video thumbnail: 1280 x 720