beqom Visual identity and Content Style Guide



The official beqom logo consists of the word beqom, where the letter O is replaced by a smiley pictogram. Both the lettering and the smiley have been custom designed for beqom. Only these official drawings may be used for beqom communication, do not tempt to redraw any element of the logo by yourself.

Protective Space

The beqom logo needs a minimum of ‘breathing’ space and distance around to stand out amongst its environment (for example, other logos, text, or pictures. An easy solution to define the ideal protective space around the logo is to add the size of the letter “O” all around the logo, as shown on these examples.

Protective Space

Logo Size

When the logo needs to be used at very small sizes, for example in case of sponsorship, some minimal recommendations apply, as shown below.

Minimum size

Logo (with or without baseline): Use a minimum size of 2.5 cm or 1 inch wide on printed documents, or 120 pixels wide on screen:

Minimum size Protective Space Minimum